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July 09, 2008


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Even as an admitted Starbucks addict, I have to concede that I have found new establishments to fuel my addiction. Starbucks makes a great cup of coffee, no question. I understand it does not suit everyone's taste, but I really enjoy it. However,Starbucks stopped being "extraordinary" awhile ago. It's really not their fault, we all just got used to their product line. While they have striven for consistency and efficiency, for me, this has been their downfall. They have become too predictable, i.e., McDonalds, in that the coffee tastes the same at any Starbucks store you frequent. Actually, everything is the same; chair, trendy music,the tattooed barista, etc. Perhaps some injection of variety would be a welcomed change...Give me some unexpected 'WOW'!

T Town Tommy

A very good analysis and some great points, thank you!


@Rick. You hit an interesting point. To reach the uppermost "quality of experience" levels, there must be variability, not sameness. The barista must be able to exercise their skill to create a superior coffee. And I would much rather that every Starbucks looked different and fit into neighborhoods than to walk into a store and not know if I'm in Topeka, Atlanta or LA. It's possible to be efficient without sacrificing these things, and you gain a lot more by mixing things up a little. Thanks for your input.

@T Town. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by.

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